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The company has a diligent and professional young team whose first goal is to meet customer needs, and is committed to manufacturing high-quality products to provide customers with faster, financial, and more reliable solutions.
Elevator component manufactured by precision work
Elevator component integration solution provider.

Excellent manufacturing process ensures product quality
Always implement quality management system, strength product development investment, improve product technology and quality constantly
Moda believes in the power of technology,
Attentively build an industry-leading elevator component production plant
Every link from factory planning, architectural design, equipment introduction, operation and production,
With many years of industry experience, Moda has introduced a first-class factory design team,
Combined with the specific needs of the product production line,
Established a smart factory that can complete high-quality production and high-standard testing of elevator components.
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  • Pushing a stroller on the escalator is too dangerous, parents should choose a van to go up and down the stairs

    Pushing a stroller on the escalator is too dangerous, parents should choose a van to go up and down the stairs


    I was visiting the mall two days ago and saw a mother pushing a stroller up the escalator. As a result, the stroller overturned when it touched the escalator steps. Fortunately, someone on the side helped, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous. Citizen Ms. Liu called the party newspaper hotline a few days ago to reflect the scene she saw when she was visiting the mall. Ms. Liu said that there is clearly a sign prohibiting baby strollers from going up the escalator, but many parents ignore it, this kind of behavior is too dangerous.

About Moda Electromechanical

Moda Electromechanical (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. is located in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, Suzhou, Jiangsu, known as the hometown of elevators. It is a large elevator company integrating R&D, design, sales, installation and after-sales maintenance. It has manufacturing and R&D. Large professional center, mastering advanced management and innovative technology, focusing on the design and manufacture of high-end villa elevators.

China creates an elevator brand that spans the world
Founding industry boutique, creating an aircraft carrier in the elevator industry