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Why Modernize?

      Elevator equipment is a big investment. Retrofits can extend the use of elevator equipment and help protect this investment. If the elevator equipment has been in use for more than 10 years, then it is time to consider retrofitting. Elevators are often people's first impression of a building. Long waits and outdated decorations can lead to negative first impressions. Moda’s customized renovation will add value to your building, increase the visual beauty, and improve the safety of the elevator equipment.


Increased safety

Improved operational efficiency and performance

Reduced equipment downtime

Extended equipment lifetime

Reduced building operating costs

Ensures equipment compliance with applicable codes

Reduced passenger wait times

Increased passenger comfort

Enhances the aesthetics of your equipment

Meets accessibility requirements

What to Modernize?

        As your elevator ages, many components require upgrades due to obsolete parts or advances in technology.

Modernizing your elevator can improve the safety and reliability of your equipment and increase the value of your building.


Our Service knows movement is the very heart of urban life. Your building is part of that life, and its elevators and escalators are vital systems. Without them, life in your building slows or even stops– and our job, our responsibility, is to keep it beating. Everything we do is dedicated to Keep you moving and leading the best lift. 
We do it with local service on a global scale. We’re there when you need us, with the largest network of technicians.
That’swhy, from the experience and training of our people to our innovative tools and global resources, our entire workforce is dedicated to keeping you moving.


The stability and efficiency of the elevator are more determined by the maintenance unit you choose. Regardless of the brand of elevators, Moda Maintenance will provide a predictable and accurate workflow, providing the most professional maintenance personnel, the most reliable accessories, the most advanced maintenance tools and the most professional customs declaration services.


We enable maximum productivity by ensuring your equipment is performing at its absolute best.
Our focus on exceeding expectations empowers our dedicated employees to deliver service excellence.
We continually improve ourselves and our products, and strive to make your passengers next ride better than their last.
We are the world’s local service provider and a leader in safety and reliability.